Ultimate Top Coat

Some surfaces can prove difficult to protect, Coval Ultimate Top Coat gets the job done without changing the look of the surface

Coval UTC is a thin film, single component coating designed to protect finished surfaces and decorative coatings from surface wear and harsh chemicals.  It creates a covalent bond with the coating substrate and is easily and quickly applied with an acetone pump sprayer or HVLP sprayer.

Coval UTC makes an irreversible covalent bond through the available polar groups in epoxies, urethanes, and paints. This prevents moisture, stains, chloride ion penetration, dirt, ice, acids, animal wastes, and graffiti damage.

Fiberglass Restoration

Fiberglass is an immensely versatile material due to its lightweight, inherent strength, weather-resistant finish and variety of surface textures. It is often painted or coated with a technology that doesn't share the same durable properties and over time will show fading, weathering, or allow biomass to build up. Coval UTC will bond directly to bare fiberglass or surface paint to restore the lost luster and protect against UV and environmental damage for years to come.

Marble and Natural Stone Surfaces

The chemistry in Coval UTC allows it to form covalent (strong) bonds with mineral and stone substrates, making this the perfect technology to coat and protect marble and natural stone flooring, walls, and countertops. Combat etching, staining, and enhance acid resistance with a single component coating that sets in ambient temperatures without the need for UV curing.

Keep Wood Looking Good

Designed to bond with inorganic surfaces, Coval UTC is ideal for use over lacquered, sealed, stained or painted cabinetry and furniture. Our top coat over an existing decorative finish results in a protective barrier that is UV stable and resistant to acid, staining, peeling, and flaking. Enjoy the worry free use of crafted wooden statement pieces even in high traffic areas or commercial applications.

Ultimate Epoxy Protection

Epoxies allow for a wide range of style and design choices, but must be finished with a protective coating to safeguard the decorative surface. Coval UTC eliminates the need for a cumbersome and laborious 2-part urethane, as it is able to be applied quickly in a thin-film manner that gives superior protection with a fraction of the time, labor, and materials needed to complete. Best of all the coating is self-healing, meaning any wear or abrasion noticed over time can simply be cleaned and recoated to restore the coating. No need for sanding or additional prep work.

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